Information, advice and tips for tenants

Housing is a basic human need. That is why tenants need protection. This is fundamentally guaranteed by social tenancy law. Tenants have good rights. But they need to know their rights - and of course their obligations. And they need to know how to apply the law. Tenancies naturally give rise to conflicts, as tenants and landlords have different interests. It is not uncommon for the legal situation to be unclear.


Tenancy law is complicated and often difficult for laypeople to understand. There is hardly any other area of law in which so many individual questions have been and continue to be decided by the courts. That's why the Tenants' Association is the right place for you. Members receive legal advice and legal protection from us.

But we also offer non-members lots of information and tips on tenancy law, advice on comparing rent levels and publications in the shop that you can use to get a good overview for little money.