We provide legal advice for tenants

With over 24,000 members, the German Tenants' Association Bonn / Rhein-Sieg / Ahr e.V. is one of the largest organisations in Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg district. Advising our members has been one of our main tasks since our foundation in 1919. However, we are also committed to improving conditions for tenants in general, for example through qualified rent indexes such as those that exist in Bonn and Troisdorf. We have been lobbying cities and local authorities to build affordable housing for 100 years.

Too little affordable housing in Bonn and the region

The number of inhabitants and households in Bonn and the region is growing much faster than the number of flats being built. The large housing construction companies are focussing on returns instead of positive urban development. In future, it will be even more difficult for lower income groups to find a flat with affordable rents. Local authorities and districts therefore have a responsibility to create more affordable housing.

The lack of housing also has a concrete impact on tenants who already have a flat: Where alternatives are lacking, they are helplessly exposed to landlords and housing developers: Defects are often not rectified quickly enough, refurbishments are only carried out to make housing more expensive - and in general, rents rise year after year.

We are the organisation that counters this, both politically and with personal help. So please support our work as a member. The more tenants who are members of the German Tenants' Association, the better each and every one of them is protected. Become a member now Mitglied.